Black Magic to Get Your Ex Lover

Black Magic to Get Your Ex Lover

Are you going crazy reminiscing over the past? Do you want your ex-lover back in your life? Why would not you, if you have been truly in love once? Love is like that only, once you have been in love there is no going back.  If you also, want your ex-lover back in your love then you have to look for a sure shot remedy and nothing could be better than Black Magic.

Black Magic spells and remedies to get your ex-lover back never fail. For that, you need to go to a Black Magic specialist like Pandit Ji, who can help you with these strong and effective remedies.

So, let us tell you about some Black Magic spells to get your ex-lover back:
You need:

  • One Chicken wing, One red candle, one sterile needle, 3 drops of blood, thread, matches to light the candle and one sheet of paper.
  • Now, draw your ex-lover’s name on the paper with chicken wing and over it draw your name. Now, drop seven drops of wax on the sheet and then three drops of your blood with the help of needle. All through, this keep thinking about your ex-lover and then cast the spell- “Salima Raitiki Bustako”

Now, wrap the chicken wing in the sheet and bury it same day.

  • There is another solution you can try- On a fool moon night, when the clock states 12:12:12, you should get a sea fish, a river fish and a chameleon. Now, put all three animals in a bowl filled with water. Bring one dozen roses of each black, blue, red, and purple and take the petals out from the stem – putting them in the same big bowl of water where the animals are kept. Stir the water exactly 5 times, while remembering your ex-lover, then pour 13 Oz of dragon oil in the bowl, stir it again and all through this make sure you are chanting your ex-lover’s name slowly.

Both of these remedies are highly effective and can help you bring back your ex-lover. Still, you should go to a Vashikaran expert, like Pandit Ji who will help you better with this. These are really complicated matter and even a slight mistake will turn into a blunder.
Yet again, I want you to be sure that you do all these measure under proper guidance of some expert like Pandit Ji and if you do it right you re surely going to get your ex-lover back in your life.

No matter what the reason was for your partner leaving you. With these remedies done right you can get your ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend back in your life.